Confidence. Health care. User Experience.

Learn about the benefits of the new Vaginal Applicator BEYONDEVICES.

Human Centered Design

Medical equipment developed thinking about people and for people, identifying their needs and expectations.

Easy User Experience

Guarantee of effortless use. Users easily understand how to apply the medical equipment.


Our vaginal applicator is the only one in the market and in the pharmaceutical industry without edges and fully adjusted to the woman's body.


Our vaginal applicator ensures the delivery of the medicine properly, contributing to greater efficiency and better results.


Innovative and fully adjusted to the anatomy of women. Design follows function.


It has the ability to accommodate different types of drug applications and formats - tablets, gels, ovules, cream, pesserie and capsules.

“Regardless of the changes and new steps in your life, taking care of yourself and your health is essential. The best treatment and care require the best methods, thought for you, for your life, your comfort, your body. “



“Living a full life, where work, gym, family and home have to coexist, the choice falls over what makes life easier, what helps you to do more and better, what you trust and recommend, so you can have more time for your self, to feel better.”